Sun Rays Storm Mountain 090516 9441 3



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  • Title:  Sun Rays Storm Mountain 090516 9441 3
  • Description:  Rays in Big cottonwood canyon with layered mountains, Utah. I set out on my mountain bike with camera and tripod in tow along the crest trail in big cottonwood canyon through the rainstorm in hopes for such an opportunity as this. Countless times I have braved bad weather only to come home empty handed. Truth is, weather makes for the most amazing revelations and it really is when I venture out. I hunkered under a pine brow hoping in anticipation while drops of rain splattered on my jacket. Then all the sudden there they were! Amazing sun rays casting their light on the rain giving definition and depth to the many wasatch mountain layers in the canyon. The most challenging part was keeping my lens free from rain drops between exposures. The front lens had to be cleaned and covered every few seconds. The rays didn’t last long, but I was able to capture its glory in this remarkable image. This is number 2/5. Only 5 photographs will ever be made of this image. The first edition sells for $8,000. Each edition the value goes up $2,000, with the last edition of 5 selling for $18,000. This is edition 2, and sells for $10,000.
  • Keywords:  big cottonwood, rays, storm, summer
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  • Added:  Mar 27, 2017