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  • Title:  Teton Rays 080719 8344 3 5
  • Description:  Amazing backlit teton sun rays through soft rainstorm. Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. I reached Jackson Hole late in the afternoon on a gloomy raining day. I was hiking 50 miles along the crest trail the next day with my 70lb pack and was tempted to just get a hotel and eat a nice dinner. I just couldn't resist photographing the tetons though just in case the storm broke and something marvelous happened. I headed out to a great reflection spot while I ate my granola bar and hunkered under a tree to stay dry waiting and hoping. Soon I could see the sky beginning to lighten up. "Could it happen" I asked myself. Sure enough the rays began to form. I dropped everything and began capturing this moment that lasted a mere minutes. A scene never to be duplicated again. I choose moments just as this for my extremely limited edition series where only 5 will ever be printed. Number 1 is priced at $8,000, and then goes up in increments of $2,000 up to number 5 which is valued at $18,000. First edition is sold. This is the second edition and sales for $10,000. It comes in 40x60 metal but can be made larger.
  • Keywords:  gods fingers, grand teton, rain, rays, reflection, storm, sun rays, sunrays
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  • Added:  Aug 17, 2019